Hacked Tradition

Gallery Artifex, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2016

Estonian textile artist and educator Kadi Pajupuu has invented and built a new type of weaving reed – rail reed. It consists of sliding modules which let the weaver adjust the density of warps while weaving and even dramatically change the width of fabric from narrow to wide and back. The reed can be easily attached to a beater. Since September 2015, when the Scandinavian biggest weaving magazine VÄV published an article about Kadi’s inventions in weaving, several like-minded weavers have ordered the reed to experiment and give feedback to the developing team.

 In the exhibition Hacked Tradition in Vilnius gallery Artifex, textile artist Kadi Pajupuu presents her inventions and modifications: manipulating traditional weaving tools to open up new possibilities for loom weaving. Graphic and video artist Marilyn Piirsalu has made videos where tools and textiles become alive.

 We do not believe in authorities, if we are told that smth can not be done, we are tempted to set our minds to the problem and present working solutions.