Viis kududa. A Way to Weave

120 pages
hard cover

Text in Estonian and English.
Issued by Pallas University of Applied Sciences

ISBN 978-9949-7421-4-1

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-- The international exhibition Grown at Gallery Pallas in Tartu 10.03-2.04.2022 gave a broader view of the possibilities of this new technology.
Although craft techniques have a long history and offer safe and joyful way of creating to all DIY enthusiasts, not everything has been invented yet. Pushing boundaries is a special trait of a designer and inventor, and Kadi Pajupuu’s exciting ideas lead creators to the discoveries of new possibilities. This catalogue provides an overview of what has been done so far, summarizing the ideas of the MultiWeave applied research in the Pallas textile department and introduces the work of various authors from Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Finland.
The future technology MultiWeave encourages the user to experiment and discover!

Aet Ollisaar
Professor, Head of the Textile Department
Pallas University of Applied Sciences

More about Multiweave project HERE